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Allright, having browsed this thread in search for an answer to the freezing problem, I thought I would let you people know how I fixed the problem.

- Use NO$GBA and use NO$ZOOMER.
- The rom I use is xpa-phg.nds (google it if you haven't already got it)
- Download the ''nds-bios-and-firmware. (Google it, first result)
- Put all content in your map where your rom/no$gba/no$zoomer is located.
- extract eNDrypts_advanced_v1.2.. and run eNDrypts_advanced.exe
- Press"1", (if it asked you it can't find a program to open with, just press cancel and ignore.) just close it when it's finished.
- Run the game and under emulation options make sure ''Reset/Startup Entrypoint'' is put on GBA BIOS(Nintendo logo)
- Restart the game.
- Loading should look different if done correctly.

Now. Before I did this, the game would freeze, or rom would crash almost continuously.
After this method, the game has only frozen once after about 6 hours of playing. (in the bellsprout tower)
So I still use the save/close method every hour or so to be sure, (also because my computer has the tendency to shut down whenever it feels like)
You also don't need the cheat code for the black screen anymore.

If this has already been explained previously, my bad.