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Quote originally posted by 2RandomStudios:
Okay, firstly, long grass normally comes in clusters. It's not good, aesthetically-wise or playability-wise; try to draw them in squares or off-rectangles. Mountains generally have two layers, and stairs are normally two tiles wide. Otherwise it looks weak and bitty, for want of a better word. More forced grass could be good, and I think replacing some of those ledges with the trees to give the map more shape. The entrances to the gates have tile errors, especially the one towards the top of the map. The rocks have been sporadically placed and won't help, playability-wise. Finally, I think you should limit aroudn four or five tiles wide or high at anyone time, though that normally is taken up by paths or other aesthetic tiles. Don't follow this all the time, however, but try not to ever have only one tile for the player to walk through.


Map Name: Carol Road
Map Game: Pokémon: FireRed Version

Comments: THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A NATURAL MAP. I map in the Game Freak style and always will, so there's no point trying to make me criss-cross my trees and randomly place my tall grass. Thank you. :3


Quote originally posted by Rayce:
what seems to be a unaccessible cave mouth(was that on purpose?)
Quote originally posted by sab:
Imany events happen here, which is why the cave is blocked off at first

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