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Originally Posted by Ninja Caterpie View Post
What I don't understand is how this didn't come first in the map-off. o_o Looking at the scores, it just seems the map has a little something missing, but I just can't tell what it is ._.

The shape of the map is nice, and there's nothing wrong with the playability or theme of it in general, but... The land shape feels a bit...narrow. The town is a bit small and feels like just a rectangle of path. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it feels a bit weird to me. Thing is, you can't really change it without completely remaking the town. Just a point, I guess.

Now for my map-off entry. :D

Map Name: N/A
Map Game: Fire Red
Credits: Thrace, Neti, Fangking Omega

Don't really think too much about the difficulty level of the ice puzzle, because it's not meant to be difficult haha. The caves connect to each other with an ice puzzle and a few items in between, I suppose.
This is what I said about this map during judging:
Rating: 9/10
Reason: The map has a real wintery feeling into it. When I look at the other maps with winter tiles, its just like looking at a picture, but this one has something very different. It also has that natural feeling, and the tile placement, or tree placement, is really very natural in my opinion. The mountains to the houses--they're all great. That lone small tree ruins the map, though. That's the only thing itching me.
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