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* What d-ya like ta come ta G&bep;P fo?
Just ta check out all tha graphics everyone else has gots.

* What would you like ta see more of here?
Help. Not enough thugz really tell anyone what thay're dong wrong. Thay just leave comments on how decent a job thay did and leave. Thugz can't git better if thay don't know what mistakess ta correct.

* Is you a graphic artist or do graphics yoself?

* D-ya ever enter tha competitions which G&bep;P host n tha Competitions sub-foum?

* If so, why/why not?
Just doesn't seem like mah thng.

* D-ya thnk that Shop's is becomng a thng of tha past?
Haha, def.

* If yes, why so?
Even thugz who isn't siced at graphics seem ta be dong thair own thng now. And if someone really wants a sig or somethng thay can just contact someone thay know bout it. Just seems like n tha end only a few thugz would end up needng tham. o.o

* If you could change one thng bout dis section, what would it be?
Hm, I'd like ta see more diversity nstead of tha sbee old icons + sigs. It starts ta git really borng.
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