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Quote originally posted by stargate1995:
Hmm this sounds good, but will there be certain rules about the 2x speed button on emulators, or will we not even be allowed emulators? Anyway I'm a bit confused about the live stream stuff seen as I've never used it.

Just a question, Say I join up to a solo challenge and am assigned with the following families:
Bulbusaur-Venusuar, Growlithe-Arcanine, Ryhdon-Rhyperior, Dratini-Dragonite, Hoppip-Jumpluff, Unown, Wurmple-Dustox/Beautifly, Feebas-Milotic, Gible-Garchomp and Dokkora-Roopushin.
I then pick to solo with Bulbasaur through Venusuar, once I have finished the first challenge if I do another challenge am I limited to the pokemon that I have already been given, the same pokemon as I used before or am I given a completely new set of pokemon?
I brought up the idea that all challenges should be done on a Universal SS ROM with all trade/sinnoh evos enabled to happen by level/happiness, whilst talking with Myrrh. The challenges will be done on Livestream with a Host watching (if one of the hosts are busy we can find a replacement supervisor) and any cheaters will be barred from further participation.
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