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Originally Posted by stargate1995 View Post
Hmm this sounds good, but will there be certain rules about the 2x speed button on emulators, or will we not even be allowed emulators? Anyway I'm a bit confused about the live stream stuff seen as I've never used it.

Just a question, Say I join up to a solo challenge and am assigned with the following families:
Bulbusaur-Venusuar, Growlithe-Arcanine, Ryhdon-Rhyperior, Dratini-Dragonite, Hoppip-Jumpluff, Unown, Wurmple-Dustox/Beautifly, Feebas-Milotic, Gible-Garchomp and Dokkora-Roopushin.
I then pick to solo with Bulbasaur through Venusuar, once I have finished the first challenge if I do another challenge am I limited to the pokemon that I have already been given, the same pokemon as I used before or am I given a completely new set of pokemon?
I brought up the idea that all challenges should be done on a Universal SS ROM with all trade/sinnoh evos enabled to happen by level/happiness, whilst talking with Myrrh. The challenges will be done on Livestream with a Host watching (if one of the hosts are busy we can find a replacement supervisor) and any cheaters will be barred from further participation.
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