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Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
Considering the fact that your concept is essentially completely original (besides the structure of the league -- which, really, won't necessarily ring many bells in your reader's heads if you put enough creativity in masking it), it would actually be better to just drop all the names. Otherwise, if you label this as original fiction and attempt to use the canon characters (or their names), you'll still be called out for a lack of creativity because people will read that as you stealing characters for your original work.
I pretty much am stealing and expanding upon what little characterization people get in a Pokemon game. The biggest reason why I wanted to pass this off as a psuedo-fanfic, though, is because that is an epically massive amount of names to come up with. I hate coming up with names. Probably a good idea, nonetheless.

Yes, there is. You just have to look in[the rightplaces.
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