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Quote originally posted by Chamomile13:
I pretty much am stealing and expanding upon what little characterization people get in a Pokemon game. The biggest reason why I wanted to pass this off as a psuedo-fanfic, though, is because that is an epically massive amount of names to come up with. I hate coming up with names. Probably a good idea, nonetheless
Actually, a lot of the characters in the games do have personality. You just have to be a nerd and pay attention to their speech, what actions they did, and what others say about them.

And actually, I don't think it's a good idea like that. Having an original concept and use the names from a game/tv show/book/ etc. will cause people to say that character is recognizable only in looks and not personality. You're better off taking the time to think names for characters. May I suggest the website Behind the Name to look up at some names if you're stuck in that department?
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