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Looking for a game? Want to see what games we have here? Have an idea for a game, but you don't know if it's already available? You've come to the right place. Here's a list of all the active games that are currently in Other Trivia. Please, refer to this before making a new game~

For a description of a specific game, please hover their title.

All games should have links, but not descriptions. Just be sure to check the first page (and check it anyways!) for any games that does not have a description. Also, please note that sometimes this Index it outdated (because I'm lazy) so doublecheck the last post's date before posting. If any of these threads do happen to be out of date, PM/VM me (Sora), Netto Azure, or donavannj and we'll update this as soon as possible. Thanks!

Also note that if one is outdated, someone may have already made a new version and the thread has just not been updated, so please double check the forum before making a new version, just in case. :)

Counting/Chatting threads

(Want to simply count and chat with others in Other Trivia? These places are the way to go. However, these are the only ones allowed, and no more can be made.)

Rating Threads

(Want something rated? Want to help someone out by rating something on theirs? Here are all the games available for your rating urges! Just be sure to politely add comments about your rating.)

Above Threads

Where the next poster comments the poster above according to thread rules
^ Above updated as of March 11th, 2014. Below not yet updated.

Action/Reaction & Question Threads

(You post a response to the post above and say something for the next poster to react/answer to)

List Games

(List/Post something that is thread relevant)

Miscellaneous Games

(Games that currently do not have a place in any of the other Categories)
Thank you Stand Alone for helping out with organizing the Index

Threads previously in the index that do not currently exist:
Rate the Profile Above You
Liar Liar[*]They're never gonna say that!![*]What do the two above have in common[*]Dare

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