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BD hasn't logged on since the 5th... Oh well. Behold, the continuation of Ash vs Paul
  • Since we left off: Execution.
  • Creative escape...
  • Hmmm... not much to comment this episode, is there?
  • How the hell do you dodge that kind of pin missle?
  • Whoops, the tail again.
  • Bam
  • WHAT, Torterra is part ground... ugh I'm not even gonna start
  • Boom
  • .... no, not impressed
  • That sucks
  • Paul... is creepy
  • Whoops
  • Paul always runs the show, if you know what I mean~
  • That move sort of bothered me...
  • ...I lieks Dawn's body language
  • I was wondering what that move was...
  • ...Honestly, this announcer is annoying
  • BAM! HEADSHOT!... or.... HeadIronTailed?
  • On the stomach...
  • Oh lol Team Rocket
  • Too many explosions >__>
  • OUCH
  • TOO AWESEOM FOR WORDS! Shut up Barry >__>
  • Agh crap. We're not done. Is it me or do pure battle episodes go by much faster?

Well, not a bad episode. Another awesome battle, therefore not much to say since I didn't require much thinking when I saw it in Japanese.
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