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Hmm.... Big white/black box... jumbled text... Level 100, poisoned... huge health bar... do you remember what the name was? Most glitch Pokemon in Crystal, Gold, or Silver versions have question marks in the name (Five question marks, mostly, like ?????.) with the exception of Egg, which is... well... an egg. (Before I should continue... there are five known glitch Pokemon in G/S/C, four of which are placeholders, and one used for Eggs. The placeholders are known as ?????.)
If it has that name, did you look in the menu during or before you battled it?
????? borrows other graphical tiles form the game to make up it's battle sprite, so it will change from a garbled up building to a garbled up version of the item menu if you look at it during the battle. (I'm not sure if that works if you look at the items menu just before the battle...)
If it doesn't have ????? in the name... I have no idea what the heck it might be. You might have stumbled across something totally new here!

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