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2010 has flown by hasn't it? I don't know about you guys but I still remember writing up 2009's thread for this and, of course, all the drama that ensued. Drama is an ever present in a community where everyone is vying for that one position of Hack of the Year; only one hack can win the award per year and that's why I think it's so prestigious and sought after. I fully expect drama to ensue from this one too as we're never without it, are we? Last year I mentioned how 2009 was a fantastic year for ROM Hacking on the Pokémon front; however, I think 2010 was even better. Despite the obvious concerns of people relying on tools to do things we continue to make strides into what was previously unknown and this is why 2010 has put us ROM Hackers at our finest. Now, without further adieu let's get on with this.



Final Thoughts

Well, guys, I hope you all enjoyed playing these hacks as much as I'm sure the makers did and it's fantastic to give recognition to hacks that are judged to deserve it. I really think that with the strides that we're currently making then we can, henceforth, make 2011 the start of Pokémon ROM Hacking's golden era. If you want to enquire with the judges on their 'raw judging' or their thoughts on each hack then you can feel free to private message them on these forums. Thanks for a fantastic year guys I hope you had one too.