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Quote originally posted by Vernikova:
I’ll just reply in both threads (I like Blue-Drifblim's better though) and when they’re merged one of my posts will be deleted by one of those two boring Moderators whose names I can‘t remember.
You know me so well, Vernikova.

Quote originally posted by Hiiro:
This episode was better in Japanese for some reason. Maybe because it was my first time seeing it.

I didn't find this episode as enjoyable as when I first watched it either. That's not to say that I didn't like the episode. It's always nice to see Pikachu battling at its peak performance; it's just too bad that it's going to get nerfed soon. Oh well, we've still got some amazing battles left in DP!

On a side note, the music that played during Pikachu vs. Froslass made me nostalgia very hard.

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