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Originally Posted by Ninja Caterpie View Post
Now for my map-off entry. :D

Map Name: N/A
Map Game: Fire Red
Credits: Thrace, Neti, Fangking Omega

Don't really think too much about the difficulty level of the ice puzzle, because it's not meant to be difficult haha. The caves connect to each other with an ice puzzle and a few items in between, I suppose.
Reason: everything just seems right. i dont see any errors and your choice of tiles and placement work well in the map. ive never been really fond of the snow-on-building thing, but this map seems to take me away form that thought. nice job!


My Turn!

Map Name: Route 3

Map Game: Pokemon Peridot(temp.), Firered Base

Comments: first mountain route, feel pretty good about it but know it needs work. the entrance is the bottom and there are two exits, at the very top to the first gym, and near the top on the right to route 4. the reason there is so much space in at the top is because theres an event where people evacuated the first gym city and are all in that open space.

(see attachment if needed)
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