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Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
None of your AMVs can beat this
Meh. That's not even shipping, but this is much more funnier:

Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
The only strong enough thing here right now would be a three way hell fire bar fight between Negai, CafeMocha, and Wishful.
Love triangle. :3
Originally Posted by Shedinjareese View Post
(I heart the Rocketshipping ones...).
I can't find any good rocketshipping AMV's T.T.
Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post
What's with this sudden growing trend of posting Shipping Youtube videos? I hope I didn't start this. xD;;
Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
Why do you think I haven't posted >__>
Well if you both looked back I started sharing them, but how can you support shippings without not liking AMV's? If anything the whole shipping thing started because of AMV's, youtube has the biggest shipping community on the web and you call yourself a shipper
Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post

I had added it to my favorites a while back. I thought it was really good. Rissychan makes good videos. We both found out that we liked Wishfulshipping during our discussions before more clips of it came out.
All her videos are epic, she started the Ikarishipping thread in serebii legend. She's given me some advise on videos, she's pretty epic. :D

This is sooo epic - another masterpeice by Commanderpigg:

Never knew this ship existed, and where did scott come from?? xD

Another wishfulshipping video:

XDXDXDDXDXDXD The ending with dento is sooo funny.
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