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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Meh. That's not even shipping, but this is much more funnier:
Seen that before, years ago. There used to be a Drew's Happy Song, and that was hilarious. That one does not compare. Too bad it was deleted...

how can you support shippings without not liking AMV's? If anything the whole shipping thing started because of AMV's, youtube has the biggest shipping community on the web and you call yourself a shipper
Because most AMVs are terrible, out of sync or not in sync at all, and have nothing to do with the lyrics. Windows Movie Maker = fail. Emo songs to random Pokemon are just weird.

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
This is sooo epic - another masterpeice by Commanderpigg:

Never knew this ship existed, and where did scott come from?? xD
Wait, what, is this about Piplup and Scott from bgmf? o___O LOL All the comments he's saying makes sense, then. Is Gliscor'd supposed to be Scott's new account there or something? Or is that another guy and Scott's in the middle or something? I did always like this little pic that Piplup had for his sig This stuff makes me want to go back to bmgf again XD

Well, haha, that AMV is funny, anyway. An AMV for forum members XD