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Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post

Oh lawls now I can see why "Day inside May" is horrible. I never got into Pokeshipping. When I started watching Pokemon I wasn't much into couples. The only shipping that I actually like Ash with is Advanceshipping.
I actually don't like any Ash x Main girl shipping that much...Before BW, I'd say that I liked Advanceshipping the most, but not enough to like read fanfiction or look up art...just kinda enough to say "Oh, it's a bit cute."

Negaishipping is cuter though, I'll have to admit. The BW group is the first one that I ship all three ways and at the same time

Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post
This place is getting boring without any bar fights serious debates. Can someone please make a controversial statement related to shipping? ;D
Ikarishipping and Pearl pales in comparison to Coma. It's the truth.

Originally Posted by Jorah View Post

Wait, what, is this about Piplup and Scott from bgmf? o___O LOL All the comments he's saying makes sense, then. Is Gliscor'd supposed to be Scott's new account there or something? Or is that another guy and Scott's in the middle or something? I did always like this little pic that Piplup had for his sig. This stuff makes me want to go back to bmgf again XD

Well, haha, that AMV is funny, anyway. An AMV for forum members XD
Oh Sh- This old thing! Uh,'s Scott and Pip from BMGF. He changed his name to "Gliscor'd" when Gliscor left to battle with the air master...I was so surprised to see that they actually had clips for that o_o;

I made it because there was a fanclub honoring their shipping (AlwaysArguingShipping). This was the vid that made me into a mod lol.

Oh, and thank you for the image! I was looking for that everywhere! Some people still support Weedle x Scott over Scott x Pip...and if you lurk their VMs, Gible (AKA Hellion) x Scott is pretty popular too ;P

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