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Originally Posted by Shedinjareese View Post
No problem! And yeah, I always thought Ikarishipping would be a rather abusive relationship. But you're right, there are a heckuva lot of videos on Youtube about it. O_o And I don't even peruse those videos (I heart the Rocketshipping ones...).
Oh yeah. The main shipping I thought was funny was Paul x Ash. There is already a shipping for Paul x Iris. I don't remember the name of the shipping though. We need more Twinleafshipper love. There where a few episodes of Twinleafshipping whenever Dawn sees Barry. -and has all of those clips downloaded too- Rocketshipping is also cute. I never made a video on them yet.

Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
lol, I actually liked Ikarishipping. The part in the Sinnoh league episodes where Dawn imitates when Paul forgot her name was funny XD
Oh lawls I remember that part of the episode. A lot of Ikarishippers loved episode 186 because of the short Ikarishipping moment.

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

All her videos are epic, she started the Ikarishipping thread in serebii legend. She's given me some advise on videos, she's pretty epic. :D

This is sooo epic - another masterpeice by Commanderpigg:

Never knew this ship existed, and where did scott come from?? xD

Another wishfulshipping video:

XDXDXDDXDXDXD The ending with dento is sooo funny.
I saw some of her bulletins on Youtube about her Ikarishipping thread. I'm surprised she never made a account on here yet. She usually posts in my videos as well and gives me small advice. Oh wait, there is a shipping on Piplup and Gliscor? I would imagine a shipping on Piplup and Pikachu.

I love Satoshi's face at the very end when he watched Dento. Since we are posting Wishfulshipping videos:

Note: Video made for Christmas

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
I actually don't like any Ash x Main girl shipping that much...Before BW, I'd say that I liked Advanceshipping the most, but not enough to like read fanfiction or look up art...just kinda enough to say "Oh, it's a bit cute."

Negaishipping is cuter though, I'll have to admit. The BW group is the first one that I ship all three ways and at the same time
I don't usually look up fanfics on shippings. Maybe artwork for a AMV. Negaishipping is cute but I'm starting to love Wishfulshipping even more(They are always standing next to each other in almost every episode). It's already becoming popular like Ikarishipping on Youtube.