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Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:

Oh lawls I remember that part of the episode. A lot of Ikarishippers loved episode 186 because of the short Ikarishipping moment.
Heh, Ikarishipping is my number 1 favourite shipping actually, I've been a fan ever since they had that little scamble in roarks gym. I liked that episode too though, it was the first time they were alone together, but they were only talking about Ash.
I made a crappy ikarishipping video along time ago (can't be bothered sharing it because it's old)

Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:
I saw some of her bulletins on Youtube about her Ikarishipping thread. I'm surprised she never made a account on here yet. She usually posts in my videos as well and gives me small advice. Oh wait, there is a shipping on Piplup and Gliscor? I would imagine a shipping on Piplup and Pikachu.
She probably didn't because shipping discussion is very limited in this fourm, in only one thread - the anime section isn't very active accept for us regulars. (and all the lurkers ¬.¬)

Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:
Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:

I love Satoshi's face at the very end when he watched Dento. Since we are posting Wishfulshipping videos:

Note: Old video I made for Christmas.

Wow thats a pretty awsome video, I don't like the sparkles you used though. :\

Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:
I don't usually look up fanfics on shippings. Maybe artwork for a AMV. Negaishipping is cute but I'm starting to love Wishfulshipping even more(They are always standing next to each other in almost every episode). It's already becoming popular like Ikarishipping on Youtube.
I haven't really seen much popularity for it untill Rissychan made that video, but other than that, I agree it's a cool shipping.

Im suprised how active this thread is becoming - let's keep this up! :3

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