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Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:

I think Paul x Iris is called BlackDiamondShipping.
What a sexy name.

Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
I used to be adamantly anti-ikarishipping. This is because:

1. Many of those shippers couldn't accept that fact that it was a crack shipping (at that time, they hardly interacted at all)
Maybe at the time it may have been crack but after time passed they had much more scenes together, plus it isn't just about the anime - shipping is all about the fans, it doesn't have hint's etc in the anime.
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
2. It was waaaay more popular than I thought it should was taking away art from the comashipping community :<
Why is that even a reason? xD
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
3. I hated it when people made it one sided on Paul's side. I'm willing to accept that Dawn could have a little crush on Paul since she was the one pursuing him (kinda...), but this wasn't usually the case in fanfictions and fanart and AMVs. It just opens the door for sooo much OOCness.
I agree somewhat with that, I always liked the shipping because they seemed so dangerous together. :3 Dawn obviously likes wild men, not the boring type like kenny
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:

Now, this isn't to say that I don't like looking up Ikari fanworks. I mean, I was pretty much forced to considering how popular it is on YT. I think that a lot of the AMVs and art are admittedly...cute.

Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:

What also perturbs me is the fact that people will use comashipping scenes in their ikari amv...that sunset scene was meant for ASH and PAUL...:<
Just another way to make the AMV more believable, Dawn did look worried whilst he was leaving though.
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
LOL, a bit j/king with the last part...but really, just save yourself the trouble and make a coma vid
Heh, I might do so actually. :3 I need a song though... Plus I have to wait for my PC to be repaired, it's got sony vegas on it.
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