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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post

Maybe at the time it may have been crack but after time passed they had much more scenes together, plus it isn't just about the anime - shipping is all about the fans, it doesn't have hint's etc in the anime.

I'm aware of this, and I'm totally okay with people pairing crack shippings. Trust me, I get pretty annoyed when people rely solely on hints to justify their pairing. But whenever they say that Ikari has more "hints" than Coma, I tend to go into a rage fit XD

Why is that even a reason? xD
Because I'm jealous and bitter

I agree somewhat with that, I always liked the shipping because they seemed so dangerous together. :3 Dawn obviously likes wild men, not the boring type like kenny
Hehe, Dawn can have a million characterizations when it comes to shipping. I think that she was trying to do what only Ash could to Paul though: melt his frozen heart ;P (which is actually a big theme in both coma and ikari...interesting to note). I'm a penguinshipper D:

Just another way to make the AMV more believable, Dawn did look worried whilst he was leaving though.
Yes, I know, I know...but it's a comashipping scene they're using...One day, I'll steal an Ikari scene for a coma vid, you just wait ;P

And please, Dawn wasn't the one bursting his lungs to pursue the boy in question XD

Heh, I might do so actually. :3 I need a song though... Plus I have to wait for my PC to be repaired, it's got sony vegas on it.
Oh, would you really do that? :D *retracts all the statements about ikarishipping* Hope it gets fixed soon! I'd hate to be separated by my own's like my lifeline XD

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