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carrying on,
so now i am at slatport and team plasma is at the musiam,
first im going to go to the boat place and talkto a bold man,
then i decided to go to the musiam and team plasma wasent there,
i went inside and gave some tip to enter there was this guy that i talked too and gave me a tm then i went up and found this guy i talked to him then two team plasma guys came in,
I defeted them both then team plasmas leader cam in he said stuff and left with the other two.
now i carry on the next rout north from slateport,
training bellosom
now i am going north and fighting a trainer,
defeted her not im heading left for some more trainers.
ok defeted trainers bellosom:Bella: LV.26 mew:HM 1:LV.11
doing extra cut thing obtained gaurd.spec,
got in trick guys house
doing chalange.......................
finished chalange got rarecandy as prize,
used rare cand on bellosom:Bella: now LV.27
going east defeted trainer and going to fight rival.
anyway carrying on, Defeted trainers along the way bellosom:Bella: turned LV.28
on the way to gym but first got mach bike.
then defeted wally well i think thats his name and got in the gym ,
i defeted all the gymtrainers and is now at leader wattson,
woohooooo! defeted watson!!!!!(but is was realy anoying)
anyway lets get rocksmash,
on my waywest defeted all trainers did cut thing,

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