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Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
I'm a penguinshipper D:
:O *Shoot's you* Mwahahahahaha.

Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
Yes, I know, I know...but it's a comashipping scene they're using...One day, I'll steal an Ikari scene for a coma vid, you just wait ;P
As long as it's believable, good on you.
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
Oh, would you really do that? :D *retracts all the statements about ikarishipping* Hope it gets fixed soon! I'd hate to be separated by my own's like my lifeline XD
I know right! I have all my Pokemon episodes, movies and sony vegas on it, if all the info gets lost i'll have to download it all over again.
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
And please, Dawn wasn't the one bursting his lungs to pursue the boy in question XD
I actually used the scene in this video(Old), also turn the volume up because I forgot to turn the track up before it rendered:

The song fit's because Paul acts all bad and Dawn can see the good inside him. (Which isn't really why I like the ship so I don't know what I made this? @.@)


Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:

I think I made two Ikarishipping videos before and that was for the "Ikarishipping MEP" that RIssychan had made.

I did that too, I uploaded it on my back-up account though, my account was suspended. (I got it back up in the end though) Take a look at the video I replied to Commanderpigg with.
Quote originally posted by Jorah:
Oh, I was talking about in general. But being made in Sony Vegas doesn't mean an automatic win, they can be subject to overuse of pointless effects and, still, not going with the lyrics. In general, I'm not saying you
Yeah but mine are made with Sony vegas, and are pure win. :D

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