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Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
I'm a penguinshipper D:
At first I thought this shipping was cute but now I'm like meh.

Quote originally posted by Jorah:
I loved that sunset part with Ash and Paul at the end of the Sinnoh league XD I did like Twinleafshipping, too. I just realised all my favourite shippings are actually all DP shippings o.o Paul/Barry, Paul/Ash, Paul/Dawn, Conway/Dawn and Barry/Dawn
Sinnoh had a lot of good shippings in my opinion. I use to like Dawn/Gary and had always thought it would be called Poetshipping or something around that nature.

Oh, I was talking about in general. But being made in Sony Vegas doesn't mean an automatic win, they can be subject to overuse of pointless effects and, still, not going with the lyrics. In general, I'm not saying you
That is true actually. I have seen people make good videos without Sony Vegas. They would either have Adobe Premier element or WMM(Window Movie Maker)

Quote originally posted by Mew~:

I actually used the scene in this video(Old), also turn the volume up because I forgot to turn the track up before it rendered:

The song fit's because Paul acts all bad and Dawn can see the good inside him. (Which isn't really why I like the ship so I don't know what I made this? @.@)

Ah man I hate it when that happens. When you upload a video once you got done checking to make sure that there wasn't any errors, you find errors on your video like a typo error. It annoys me as heck.


I did that too, I uploaded it on my back-up account though, my account was suspended. (I got it back up in the end though) Take a look at the video I replied to Commanderpigg with.
I didn't think it was that bad at all. I uploaded mine on my backup account as well when "AshPikastar" was still suspended at that time.

Yeah but mine are made with Sony vegas, and are pure win. :D
Sony Vegas is made of pure win. All my videos are used by Sony Vegas on my new accounts. My old account show some of WMM videos.

Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:

LOL, all are actually really great AMV makers. I've been a fan of AshPikastar's works since I saw the DP trailer thing...that was pretty epic, my friend

I also loved your Barry vs. Paul trailer XD

Now that I finally have 15 posts, here's the link to A Day Inside May. I have to warn you, it's pretty nasty, but ultra lulzy~

Great to see a fan of my videos here XD. I still love the song that I used for that trailer. Oh man the memories of that fanfic!