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So it seems the demo release went pretty well! =D

Now that the first demo is out, it's time to get back to work. So this time, I want YOUR opinion on what to do.

If you're an avid checker of our pages on deviantArt, you probably noticed that we're currently making changes to the battle system.

Instead of explaining it all throughly, I'll leave three previews and the description here. I would like an opinion on which of the three looks better.



Here are the links to all three, respectively:
Preview 1
Preview 2
Preview 3


Beginning the Battle

You are shown three options when you enter a battle:

Fight is an obvious option; it opens up the four other options:

Physical -» Contains all the Physical moves the Pokémon can perform;
Special -» Contains all the Special moves the Pokémon can perform;
Item -» Contains all the items the trainer owns.
Guard -» Should the move hit, the damage is slightly reduced, depending on the Defense or Special Defense stat. It also increases the chances of dodging a move.

Pokémon allows you to switch the order of your Pokémon before the battle, or switch the current Pokémon if you are already in the battle.

Escape allows you to attempt to escape the battle.

(The following applies to preview 2)

Notice the levels, and then the moves.

Let's assume that the Lucario only learned one move from level 1 to 6, and kept it until it was level 60.

The move Quick Attack was upgraded into Extremespeed, which hits harder and probably has more effects.

Moves that are simply improved versions would simply replace the ones below them.

Another viable example is Bite. After leveling up, the Pokémon would 'forget' Bite and learn Crunch. There are n examples to this.


Okay people! Give me your opinion on which of them looks better!