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Quote originally posted by myrrhman:
Whelp, bad news. While on vacation last week, my laptop decided to stop working. Took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they said I needed a new battery that would run me about $115. This laptop died on my birthday. FML.
That's amazing. Did you post that on FML? You should.

And Im doing another one of those random moveset challenges. The one I created myself, using YAPE and a random number generator. Basically, I pick 3 random pokemon, and replace every move in their learnset with a random move. And I also randomize the types and abilities. It's awesome. I got a Flying/Dark Magcargo with Fly, Torment, Sky Uppercut, Ice Punch, etc. It has the ability Water Absorb O_o.

However, I can't create a thread, as it's too much bother for most people. Anybody express any interest in this?
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