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Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
Everyone says this T_T
Well that's because Penguinshipping is proper boring. I think it was proven Kenny liked Dawn when he asked her to go on a journey with him, but she didn't so I guess that shipping goes down the drain.

Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
Nah, never mind. Ikarishipping scenes aren't shippy enough anyways ;P
There are load's, ya just gotta look properly, take a look on the Bulba page for it. (More than Penguinshipping I bet.)
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
I like that song A lot of people use that Dawn scene too for a variety of things...Yeah, if I were to ship Ikari, it'd just be for the sado-masochism XD
Heh, in all fairness Dawn was actually facing Ash not Paul. xD
Here's the pic:

Quote originally posted by Shedinjareese:
Oh no! Those are what got me back into Rocketshipping hardcore! Although they've removed a lot of my favorite ones. :'( I'll have to link you some that remain though. Team Rocket vids to "The Bad Touch" was kinda epic but that's not up anymore, sigh...
I found one for ya sheddy. :3

Overdose of chroma keyer though. xD
Quote originally posted by CommanderPigg:
Some of my favorite amvs are made without sony vegas! Most of them are pretty old, because back in the old days, you didn't rely on shiny effects to make an amv was pure story telling, which is what made them great.

This is one of the first AMVs I made with WMM (Rocketshippy, back when I was a huuuge R*cketshipper). It's kinda slow, but hopefully not terrible:
I know exactly what you mean, I started out with WMM and a few slideshows. xD Im pretty sure every AMV maker has started out with WMM.

Heres a cappy old Ikarishipping video I made ages ago in sony vegas, it's pretty crap because I used too much effects:
There was nothing. Followed by everything. Swirling, burning specks of creation that circled life-giving suns. And then we reached to the light.