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Quote originally posted by Hi-Techneon:
I've a big post, but I'll start it with my favorite quote:


Anyway, here it is: I'm gonna give you some glitches you could fix.

You can walk under its feet when you come from behind the PokéCenter.

Not that much a glitch, but you can guess that's the mystery caller and you can recognize him, so you could move him.

You'll end up there and with a bit walking...

You'll end up there, where you can see another Dragon Hun.

Here's a glitch:

Go there...

Use Dive and you'll end up there...

Go down and go to that spot, the only spot where you can use Dive, and use Dive.

You'll end up there!
Whoa. Thanks for that. I'll fix those... sometime.

Quote originally posted by sporkalicious:
Hey Cutlerine, love your hack but im having a bit of trouble with madio cave.
I keep trying to get through and i enter a few ladders and end up with a fully lit screen(as if flash wasnt needed), and when i exit then, i end up in Petalburg.
Is this an intentional annoyance or....??
That's an error. I've accidentally left a ladder disconnected. My deepest apologies; I'll fix that at once.

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