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Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
What does this thread take steroids when I keep my eye off it? >__>

Rocketshipping.. is controversial. That's about all I can say. But I would personally prefer to support it. I mean if it weren't for Meowth, those two would probably do much better things in the woods than chase a Pikachu they should know by they they CAN'T CAPTURE... but that's another subject.

Call me crazy, but the shipping got cuter when the TRio went 'SRZBIZNS' ^__^
Oh, tell me about it! I mean, while other ships have rival ships, this one has an ANTI group...And different sects of the fandom who have varying ideas of what their characterizations should be like if they got together. (LOL, the UST is phenomenal ;P)

It does to an extent, but I like goofy romantic Rockets too XD Although, the best shippy scenes did happen when they were more serious...

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Well that's because Penguinshipping is proper boring. I think it was proven Kenny liked Dawn when he asked her to go on a journey with him, but she didn't so I guess that shipping goes down the drain.
Is it weird that I view Kenny as kind of a stalkerish voyeur who has a difficult time admitting his feelings for his childhood crush because he's a social failure? The fact that he and Dawn had a past together adds an extra layer to their relationship, but you know...As I said before, wasted potential. And yeah, a lot of Pearlshippers saw that as a "triumph," but really...Ash just wanted to battle XD

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
There are load's, ya just gotta look properly, take a look on the Bulba page for it. (More than Penguinshipping I bet.)
Quality over quantity And anyways, most of the ikari hints either:
1. Involve Dawn looking at Paul/noticing Paul. Not even romantically, just a glance. OMG, so shippy.
2. Involve Ash.

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Heh, in all fairness Dawn was actually facing Ash not Paul. xD
I rest my case Ooooh, and who's watching Paul sullenly as he heads off to the sunset?~ other than the ref and Reggie

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Overdose of chroma keyer though. xD
I only used the Chroma Keyer for my "Don't Trust Ash" vid...It didn't work out so well. Nice amv though!

Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Heres a cappy old Ikarishipping video I made ages ago in sony vegas, it's pretty crap because I used too much effects:
I saw that amv not too long ago. It has a nice story, but yeah...the effects are a bit much XD

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