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I just looked up the learnsets of the 3 Johto starters, I see that chikorita doesn't learn leer. I think it's suggested it's done with a starter so that the player has this move early on, or it could be that the game somehow just switches out the effect. It could be possible that the glitch could happen with cyndaquil as well and the info source just like totodile better, it's also possible that choosing totodile has a small chance of create confusion in part of the coding resulting in the game replacing lost data to keep from crashing.

As an example of specific non-glitch pokemon causing problems with a game: "• Tauros forms a notable bug in Pokemon Play It a game largely based on the Trading Card Game. Once the "Tauros" card appears, either in the player's own deck or that of the digital opponent, the game will shut down or freeze the computer." -Bulbapedia, Tauros article, under the Trivia section

After posting this, I'll proceed to test the glitch. (Just got the battery replaced in my Silver, so it has no save data atm anyways.)

Edit: Glitch data update: It's supposedly supposed to happen 4.7% of the time.
Aslo, gah! Just read that it only happens on Crystal. I'll start looking online for a Crystal Version.
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