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Hooooo-kay. Lots to speak about here. Let's go:

Originally Posted by Raaxon View Post
Hey, Cutlerine... This is more of just a me-being-a-pain-in-the-ass-while-trying-to-be-helpful-and-give-ideas thing than anything else.

I reckon you should put in a secret TM shop somewhere. A place you can buy most of the high levelled TMs like Ice Beam, Earthquake, Thunderbolt and whatnot... Just a thought.
There already are plans for one, you just can't get to it yet.

Originally Posted by Best. View Post
I defeated the elder in the tower in the monastery. and now I dun know where i have to go. D: i think Falabor Town But how!? I wasted 2 hours finding the way. I went to monastery,desert,mauville,newmauville, mt.Chimney, Searching and searching i can't find the way. D:
Go back to Famine's Desert and use your new Yellow Vespa to go up the mudslide in the north.

Originally Posted by IRoCk_NiKeZ View Post
man, I'm really really stuck on pacifidlog gym, i punched the mirror like 50 times, and when i keep saying candyman, i end up getting materialized and killed by a guy with a hook for a hand, please help i dont know what to do.

also in pacifidlog gym, you can walk out of the screen next to the entrance where the old man is.
Fixed that old bug. Now, as for the mirror... Well, have you tried stopping saying 'Candyman'? That's a joke, a reference to the horror film Candyman. You need to pick a different option - but first, you ought to procure some of Esau's favourite food. To find out what this is, well, look it up in Genesis.

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