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Originally Posted by Zamorak View Post
Yay, my first RP got accepted!
Now just gotta wait for people to join it [Its the one called Crime & Punishment]
I'm nervous because its my first try at even starting an RP and it succeeded...
I'm afraid i'll mess it up somehow........
It's really dark. The system with giving the players jobs to perform sounds great. Like PMD but much more mature, eh? And the setting is interesting.

What do you mean with mess it up?

Originally Posted by ~Wind~ View Post
So, if anyone's checked my RP (shreds of time) could tyhey tell me what they think of it?
Also, if you were accepted to it, could you pm or tell me here if you're still in?
It's fun with new regions, as long as you describe the areas good enough so that people with not so vivid imagination feel they can RP easily enough. Also, the story really is shrouded... but I clicked all the spoilers xD If you really have a plot set up after what happens in the tower, it can be quite interesting I think :3