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Thanks so much for all the comments and feedback, guys! I really should visit here more often...I feel bad for totally ignoring everyone like this. And I just realized I totally forgot to post that Typhlosion design that I promised way back when X_X

But it's in the (completely revamped) first post now.

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg
These are really amazing! I love vectors. I've tried my hand on a few of them end ended up with deep frustration, lol/

The thing I like most about them is that they look really professional, especially the stylized type designs. They really look like something that can be branded and sold to a company as a logo or something...Do you take classes?
Aw, shame you were having so much trouble. Just don't get too discouraged when working with vectors! The pen tool (which I'm assuming is what gave you the most trouble) is really invaluable once you get the hang of it. Not just in Illustrator or CorelDraw, but in Photoshop too.

As for myself, yes, I have taken classes. But the bulk of my experience with this sort of stuff comes from doing it in my free time. I think the classes I took probably helped more with the creative side of things (brainstorming and sketching), as opposed to the technical (working with the programs).