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Well I would like to help create a hack as I'm a fan of them. I've played a lot of them Well I don't have much but any help in expanding or modifying the story would be great, and feel free to speak out even if its bad. I would only go to my room and cry all day lol J/K Its all good.

OK so here I go:
Name: No so sure maybe "The Reign of Dragons" or something
Basic info: I plan on using some pokemon from the first 4 generations and maybe a couple for the 5th. Don't know much about mapping or any of that so yeah not much said there. Might need some statues of Dragons of course. 8 gyms and Elite 4.
Starters: I,m thinking of mudkip treecko and torchic. Gible Bagon and Dratini and maybe kibago are other major important pokemon.
Story: Your just a teen just moved in and you don't know much about pokemon. You don't know anyone there but a girl starts talking to you. Her Dad just found a new species of pokemon and since you two didn't have any he gave you the talk and the your received the poke of your choice. You show you mom etc. but your dad disapproves of this (he want you to be a layer). you start walking back home after school and you see a bunch of guys(maroon shirts) running across you. You decide to follow there you meet a guy who's part of the ??? Revolution team ( only 2 members) he explains the guys in maroon are an evil team called Dark Legionnaires and their plan (Use the power of the dragons to capture the world.) So there's your first fight against a legionnaire. you ended up rescuing some dragons. You tell you mom the story and decide to star your journey. You then get an invite to the ??? Revolutions team HQ where you become part of it and you get to choose a dragon type pokemon listed above. So you go city to city gym to gym and by the end they capture the two team members so its just you. You end up doing some side quest for the team and other side quests where you get the chance to catch legendaries and such. You get the 8 gym badges and managed to remove members form the legionnaires now your off to the elite 4. when you beat the champion you then try to rescue your team mates with the help of the girl. They tell you to go to the HQ and there's a vault (They give you the code) There's instructions to unleash the dragon of light.(Reshiram maybe) but the other half is missing that only means legionnaires got it. You find out that they got Zekrom. after that you try to capture Reshiram before they do. Then you get intel on Zekroms location and go there. You battle many of the legionaires and finally you get to the location to find that the leader capture him (1st idea there you face him in an epic battle....) (2nd he flys off, now either you find him or we start the sequel at this point.)

I know there's a big gap in the middle ill try to figure something out later.

Thank you for your time. Remember feel free to add, adjust remove anything form it.

Ive posted this earlier and i really want to start hacking so can i get some feedback on this please???
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