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I started my Blastoise solo run on Ruby last night, but never got around to posting about it. So, here it goes:

-Chose Treecko as my starter (HMs, plus, not sure how the game would respond if I hacked Squirtle in as my starter and the game thought I had a Pokedex of zero)
-Did the beginning game stuff, then hacked a Squirtle into Route 101 and caught it (BLASTER is back!)
-Went to Petalburg City, beating trainers along the way, and accompanied Wally as he caught his first Pokemon
-Passed through Petalburg Woods, taking care of a small Team Magma problem
-Easily won my first badge in Rustboro. Squirtle evolved into Wartortle here
-Got the goods back for the Devon guy and got the PokeNav
-Beat Brawly and delivered the letter to Steven
-Took care of Team Magma in Slateport
-Beat my rival again on the way to Mauville
-Beat the gym leader in Mauville (and the trainers on the surrounding routes)
-Blaster evolved into Blastoise
-Traveled to Fallarbor Town
-Beat Team Magma people in Meteor Falls and Mt. Chimney
-Got my fourth and fifth gym badges
-Beat Team Magma at the Weather Institute and got Castform
-Beat Winona for my sixth gym badge
-Cleared the Team Magma Hideout

The team:

BLASTER the Brave Blastoise (too lazy to try to get a different nature) lvl. 56
-Ice Beam

Grovyle lvl. 17 (Cut, Rock Smash, Flash, Strength) (levels up way too much in double battles)

Castform lvl. 25

Wingull lvl. 3 (Fly)
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