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I Finished the challenge.


Fooze and Belte made their way to Celestic town after beating Crasher Wake and Stopped team Galactic from blowing the town up.
They then defeated the leader of team galactic and headed to Canalave city where together they helped riley in Iron Island and Defeated Byron for their 6th Gym badge.
Soon the duo learnt that Team galactic was stealing the lake trio. Fooze and Belte defeated two comanders before enduring mt Coronet and making their way to snowpoint city. They defeated Candice and witnessed Jupiter Beat their Rival Terrale.
They headed to the Galactic Headquarters and rid Veilstone city of Team Galactic and freeing the lake trio. Fooze later headed to mt Coronet again but this time scaled it to the top and went into the distortion world and defeated Cyrus for the final time. He caught the mighty Giratina and left for sunnyshore city. Once there Fooze and Belte encouraged Volkner to battle with them and they defeated him earning the final gym badge. Fooze surfed over to victory road and navigated his way to the elite four H.Q.
Him and Belte the Bronzong defeated all four members and also defeated the Sinnoh champion Cynthia, gaining the title of Sinnoh Champion.

Final Stats:

Belte the Bronzong @ Mind Plate
lv. 87 w/th Levitate
Flash Cannon
Rock Slide
Shadow Ball

Mentions to
Wave Rider the Prinplup
Slave moves-Surf/waterfall/strength

Rocky the Bidoof
Slave moves-Cut/Rock Smash

Starry the Staravia
Slave moves-Fly/Defog

Choka the Machoke
Slave Moves-Rock Climb

Edit: I will now start a Roserade Solo Run on Platinum

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Completed Challenges

Platinum Bronzong(Belte)
Solo Challenge

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