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Originally Posted by stargate1995 View Post
Sadly I'm gonna have to quit my ultimate solo with Nidoran some pathetic ass snuck into my house and stole my DS along with some others things, so pretty much now I can't play the Johto or Sinnoh parts of the solo.

P.S. I was extremely lucky that my game wasn't in the DS seen as it has 3 boxes of chained shinys and a few boxes of lvl 100's(including all my Metagross's and Kabutop's from runs I've done here.)
Damn, that sucks. I hope that bastard gets caught soon. If my DS got stolen, I'd flip. Thankfully all of my solo challenges are on my computer (I use ROMs because I don't wanna delete my other game files lol) so unless my computer gets taken, they're safe. Was it a DSi, DS Lite, or just an old DS, if I may ask?

Anyways, here's the first update on my Platinum leg.
-Got Zangoose from Rowan
-Beat the rival, who I named Barry (I know it's a stock name, but anything other than the Barry Dance doesn't sound right; you know what I'm talking about)
-Got a PokéDex
-Ran to Jubilife and delivered the parcel to Barry
-Got a Pokétch
-Beat Barry again
-Traveled to Oreburg
-Met Roark and followed him back to the Gym
-Beat Roark with a Swords Dance/Fury Cutter spam combo
-Went back to Jubilife and beat down the Galactic weirdos
-Walked to Floaroma Town
-Went to the Valley Windworks and beat the Galactic freak
-Beat his cohorts and got the key
-Entered the Windworks and beat Mars
-Journeyed up to Eterna City
-Took on Gardenia and beat her with a Fury Cutter spam and Crush Claw
-Got HM01 from Cynthia
-Entered the Galactic building
-Took down Jupiter with ease
-Got a bike
-Rode down to Oreburg
-Got the Dowsing App and VS Seeker
-Navigated through Mt. Coronet
-Arrived in Hearthome
-Took on Fantina and beat her with Pursuit
-Battled Barry yet again and beat him
-Currently heading towards Solaceon Town
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