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Best gbee is RB fo sho. Sydian doesn't know what he's rapng bout at all. I know if I look at tha challenge and sez "would I rathar do a _______ monotype on Blue or Ruby?" it will always be Blue. Sure you don't have access ta as dawgy Pokemon, but you don't need access ta as dawgy Pokemon. Plus tha nsane speeds it can run at.
I never said it was tha worst ta use, and I do know what I'm rapng bout here. I used ta do monotypes on RBY and RSE all tha time. But fo challenges where more options is needed, I would prefer not ta use RBY, that's what I was sezng. But I personally like ta have tha biggest variety of Pokemon available ta me, but usually only applyng ta thngs like random challenges and tha favorite challenge. But those gbees, fo me, is tha gbees I can breeze right through witout ben tao distracted wit grndng, snce it's pretty simple and I usually capture Pokemon that isn't relatively close ta each othar.

I don't like FRLG at all. IMO thay is much harder than RB even wit access ta more attacks and more Pokemon. Plus you have ta do extra starylne, can't run it as fast, etc. If I be ever given "beat a challenge n Kanta" it will always be R/B, not YFRLG, and if I be ever given "beat a challenge n Johta" it will always be GSC, not HGSS. Tha only reason I be dong a HGSS challenge right now is that I'm not contempt wit tha Water UMC title, and be beatng tha rest of tha gbees as well.
Oh God, don't git me started on FRLG. I couldn't complete a challenge on those gbees if mah cat was dyng. Just...horrible. Horrible gbees wit horrible music. I can't even play through those gbees normally anymore.

Mah order is somethng like...


Excludng BW snce I've only beaten White once, of course. However, I'm thnkng it won't rank tao high coz...I'm honestly not itchng ta beat it agan. So I thnk it might fall behnd RBY. Also, I've never done a challenge on GSC, so that show shows how bad I dislike DPPt and FRLG fo...anythng.

Also, I have had dis big itch ta play Gold or Crystal lately. But idk if I wanna do a challenge (snce I tend ta git neglectful) or just a normal playthrough. Ta be honest, I will probably fogit bout it no matter what I choose ta do. @_@

and it was all yellow
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