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Possibly. I did wonder if the GBA was region-locked, but it turns out the only consoles that are region-locked are DSi-onwards, so that's not it.

It could be a problem with their DS or GBA. My DSLite got damaged when my brother ejected my Diamond whilst I was playing, and then my GBA games kept freezing 9/10 times. But it grew out of that.

You say it's on Ebay...could we have a link to the auction? I don't know why it would help...but meh, it might.

Do you know what model of DS and GBA this guy's using?

I suppose it could be an error with the internal battery, but I don't think it would be. It could also be that the new owner has a GBA from a different region to the game, but I'm pretty sure games themselves can't be region-locked.