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Another update on the Zangoose Challenge!
-Arrived and passed through Solaceon Town
-Traveled up to Veilstone City
-Took a LONG detour by traveling all the way to Pastoria and grabbing TM40 to teach Aerial Ace to Katana
-Took on Maylene and beat her easily with said achieved Aerial Ace
-Helped Dawn get her PokéDex back and got HM02
-Went back to Pastoria
-Found out this interesting fact: When you enter Pastoria City for the first time, and if, before doing anything else, before even talking to anyone, you walk up behind the Croagunk billboard, a cut scene activates where a Croagunk walks up to the side of the poster, looks towards you, laughs, and then enters the marsh. I found this fairly humorous.
-Moving on: Took on Crasher Wake and demolished him
-Chased the Galactic freak to the lake and beat him
-Got the SecretPotion from Cynthia
-Removed the Psyducks and got the Old Charm
-Traveled to Celestic Town and beat the grunt there, then beat Cyrus with ease
-Got HM03
-Did some exploring with Surf, finding extra stuff and clearing the route that leads to the Pal Park
-Surfed to Canalave
-Beat Barry with no trouble
-Sailed to Iron Island and got HM04
-Cleared Iron Island with the epic combo of Zangoose and Lucario
-Returned to Canalave and took on Byron, winning with Brick Break
-Went to the library and felt the tremor
-Flew to Lake Valor and defeated Saturn
-Flew to Lake Verity and beat up Mars
-Am currently heading towards Snowpoint City

I plan to be finished for my next update, which I think will be my 100th, so it's extra special! :D
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