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Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
Will the next release of Pokemon Snakewood include one of the final events in the game, or is it gonna be in a different release later? Also I noticed that if you leave the Shakaya Monastery the Sage's Slope entrance has weird tiles probably since the have a different tileset. Has this been fixed?
The next release will go all the way up to the end of the main storyline; it will complete the item chain that has been going on; it will allow access to the legendary Pokémon Turmur; it will (maybe) allow access to the Black Rock Island area; it will allow access to Munchlax; it will allow access to Magnezone; it will allow access to Faceleech; it will (maybe) include the blade race.

It won't include the alternate storyline ending, the Shipwreck, the Plains Key, any other legendaries, or The Island Which Must Not Yet Be Named.

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