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Quote originally posted by ChaosSonic:
Story-wise, it sounds very interesting...
Oh, I'm probably a noob for asking, but I just started the game, still in Pallet, and don't have a clue what to do. I saw Galactus (sorry if I typed it wrong) in the upper-right of the town, and it was at level 100(!) I head north so Oak takes me back to his lab? Or I need a new clean rom? (My fault if this post sounds confusing, I don't know how to post screenshots to show you what I mean...)

Collosus is in the top left corner, and he is just there as a place holder. That will be one of the final encounters of the game in giovanni's lab. I just put him there so it was easier to test.

I made a video showing where to go. There is a newly added building, and you just walk into there and try to pick up clues on where to go. (You have to find M' and take his item)

Quote originally posted by cazzler:
The story is very interesting and I think that this hack has a lot of potential if you manage to put a team together.

Me too man, thanks for the support.