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Originally Posted by Best. View Post
Hmm. I think i saw a bug . i saw Blackthorn infront of hot spring banner and then when i go to talk to him he tells me its end of beta. then i saved after it then simply i was just running and went over black thorn.and went to a meeting. o.o then they said to prepare before going to fight,etc i took some things/etc.then talked to the guy and then i was warped in the sootoplois heights and then i tried to talk to everyone but no one talked. then i closed the game. then i saw the Ips Patch i the 1st page. I downloaoded it and added that into the rom. and then i started outside of sootopolis there was a painter instead of Blackthorn i could go over him. x_x then i talked to the guy again and then i went to the sooto heights and then talked to meteor and others and now i am inside necropolis. o-o now where to go or stay there?
The best thing to do would probably be to stop where you are until the next beta comes out. Seriously, if you go much further you stand a real chance of getting trapped in one of the areas.

I don't know how you managed to walk over the good doctor and his replacement painter, but I'm sure nothing good will come of it.

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