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Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
I see a little grammatical mistake:
...Windows Sound Recorder so its length is less than 2 seconds. (You wrote it's.)
But I'll certainly be using it.
I'll fix that. It's only a first release so far.

Quote originally posted by Full Metal:
Hooray! Does this one automatically re-point to free-space?
Does it re-write the old cry with '0xFF' bytes in the case of a repoint?
What's it written in?
[and also, TS] I think that an apostrophe is supposed to be used in case of possession.
Yes, it repoints to free space automatically. It also makes sure that there is enough free space for the cry to be written. As for the overwrite thing, I'm going to try and figure that out.

Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
Nope. It's its. This tool looks useful. I do want to test something though. Will it insert even if the sound is longer than two seconds? Or will it auto-abort?
Yes, but most cries don't work over that length from what I've seen.

Quote originally posted by xoax:
I have two questions:
1. Can i just replace in-game cries like just copy the offset of one Pokemon's cry and insert it into another?
2. Sorry for asking, but the application doesn't work for me. It says something about .NET, v4.0.30319.
1. Not yet, but I'll add that support.
2. You need .NET runtime v4.0. Google it, and it should be the first link.

As of now, I'll be fixing the spelling error(s), speeding up the process of inserting, switching the audio library to one without an ad, and adding online updates. After I get those things out of the way, I'll add more "fun stuff" like pitch adjustment, possibly speed adjustment, cry swapping, and so on.

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