Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Quote originally posted by Ultima1:
Also will all of the 5th generation pokemon be featured in the game?

Quote originally posted by msfan645:
Nice. Hope to see more!
(I posted the same exact comment on another hack, lol.)
Thanks.... I guess?

Quote originally posted by Purple Materia:
Hmm, I really like the idea of this.

I definitely support this. :D

If you got some room, throw in a second region - maybe a combination of Kanto and Johto? Kohto? Jonto?
I was actually thinking of changing to dream world to Denjuu with the infamous Denjuu Pokemon and your house somewhere in a tree.

Quote originally posted by Silent the Lucario:
I can't wait to see how this looks when it's done anyway do you have a percentage of how much of the game you have done :D i know it will be awesome when done
The percentage would be so small that you'd laugh. No kidding.

Quote originally posted by ironlucario:
Ill help with sprites and other things just tell me what to do
I don't really need help with sprites, but if I do I know who to call!

Quote originally posted by Ultima1:
I'm looking forward to see the first beta come out! I bet it's gonna be awesome! Also are the fifth generation pokemon going to have the cries they have in black and white, or are they going to have the old cries?
Right now, no. But in the future I plan to have the cries inserted.

Quote originally posted by pokemonmasteraaron:
Add the pokemon b/w music in firered, that alone, should get some trafic on your hack!
who wouldn't want to hear the awesomeness of b/w in firered?
maybe insertting the 5 gin cries is a good idea to, but not as cool as insertting the b/w songs. use sappy
I'd totally want music in, but I don't know doodly-spuat about music hacking. Maybe in the future...

Quote originally posted by Ultima1:
I want to hear the cries, but cry inserting I know is extremely difficult so, if you don't use the cries I understand, I just can't wait to see how this hack turns out!
Don't worry, i'll try... i'll try...

Quote originally posted by Hijax:
how about pokemon dark and light, easily related with black and white and (i'm pretty sure) not taken

also, just wondering if you could make the starters catchable, and early in the game, i mean every game they say that the professors caught them but they always end up uncatchable.
I guess i could, but it would be hard to find them (most likely like Yellow Version where you are given the starters at low levels).

Quote originally posted by machomuu:
The "monster inside of you" thing sounds a little cliche and dare I say...Narutoish

Though I've got to had it to you, as far as demakes go, this one definitely makes a bold attempt at straying off and changing stuff.

Though I will say this, please do not make N anything other than Plasma.
N is the king and Geeshisu is a peon of N, giving him all the more reason to defect.

I mean, it only makes sense.

Kinda of like how the manga take on a whole new perspective in a game, I want to show my own perspective of the Isshu/Unova region. That means big changes.
Geechisu says that N was just a pawn and he had the power all along. Geechisu was just using N as a puppet

Quote originally posted by Rayce:
"You (the player) have a beast inside of you which is capable of unleashing unspeakable power. The Gale Force is after this beast to stop Team Plasma and Dark Trinity."
I smell a Naruto reference.....
Well, I was watching the Pain Arc when I decided to do this, so there will be Naruto references...
Coming soon...