Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Sorry for not replying for a long time, but I've been taking some time off working on Lilac since my last update and I didn't really want to comment on it while I wasn't working.

Quote originally posted by fadeawayrequiem:
I'm having an issue playing the beta. I have the sound activated because I saw someone else had the same problem. When professor oak goes into the trade building and I follow him, absolutely nothing happens. I'm unable to progress further than that because I am not given a pokemon. If I go left from the town and run into the grass, I automatically lose because I don't have a pokemon.
I have a plan that will hopefully circumvent this sort of problem in the beginning. While I haven't implimented yet, I might release a slightly updated beta which will allow people with affected ROMs to progress.

I'm sorry for any inconveniece caused :)

Quote originally posted by drauszewski:
graphics are gorgeous. love some of the terrain sprties. keep it man man looks awesome
Haha, thanks mate!

Quote originally posted by pantoniou:
Excuse me but Lunar Ips doesn't seem to recognize the beta1 patch file. Has this hapened to anyone else ?
Not to my knowledge. Are you linking it correctly to a BPRE FireRed ROM?

Quote originally posted by Poke2011:
i found a bug! try talking to any t.v. and it says something about the dishes and plates

sorry i cant post a screenshot
lol. Thanks, I'll get to that immediately :P

Also, thanks for supporting - It means a lot :D

Quote originally posted by Nerketur:
Ok, I looked at this soley because it was in the top two (at the time of this posting) for HotM. Until I looked at it, I was wondering why in the world people liked this game over Super Rising Thunder. (Personally, I still like that one better) But this is still awesome. Now that I've seen pictures, videos... This is certainly a strong contender. I love how you added that broadcast from the "official" game. It made me want to actually play it, and a few bonus points. I wish you luck on your hack, and I really, really hope you stick with it until the end. This hack is going into my supported hacks, and that's saying something, as I don't normally like the hacks that follow the tried-and-true story of town-based, TR enemy gameplay. You sir, are awesome. I'm glad I visited. =)
I'm glad that you're enjoying Lilac even if you like SRT more so thanks for commenting :)

There is a reason for the G/S/C broadcast in the game as I plan on it being a major storypoint. Thanks for the compliments and supporting Lilac, it is very much appreciated :D