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Name: Pokemon Eternal Version (This is totally changing once I get a good idea)

Info: I'm using a FireRed rom base. It will mostly contain 1-3rd generation Pokemon with a few (5 tops) fakemon. Your starter will be Eevee.

Storyline: You're a kid growing up in Sepia City. It's not a bad life, it's just always seemed a bit boring. Nothing exciting ever seems to happen. One day, a new stadium is opened up in your city (Stadium, not Gym. I was figuring it would work a bit like a Battle Tower if you return later in the game) You and your best friend (Rival) hear that the leader of the Pokemon League in your region (As of yet unnamed) is going to be there to commemorate the opening. You both show up on opening day and are in the middle of watching a battle when suddenly a few grunts of the regional crime syndicate (Once again, unnamed. Might just use Team Rocket...) show up and stop the show, attempting to steal Pokemon from the stadium. You and your friend try to get out of their and stumble into the back room where the rental Pokemon are stored. Two grunts pop in to the room and threaten you to get out of the way. Quickly you and your rival grab rental Pokeballs off the shelf and fight the two grunts off. (Yours is an Eevee) When you come outside, you briefly witness the Pokemon League leader fighting off a few more of the grunts. The manager of the stadium comes out and tells you to keep the Pokemon you used as a reward for your help. *Time passes* The next day your rival tells you that even though everything that just happened was completely dangerous, it was the most exciting thing that's ever happened to him. He wants to get out of this town and live a little. He says he's leaving on an adventure to become a Pokemon trainer. You decide to do the same.

Ok, so I'm pretty certain I like where my story here is going (but I'm definitely accepting criticism), but one of my main concerns is the fact that you start out in a city. I already have it mapped and it looks great, but it's much bigger than your average starter town. It also includes a Pokemon Center and a Pokemart which is different. I personally don't mind different, but I'm not sure I want to go ahead with the city idea unless other people would enjoy it as well. What do you all think?