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Saved Professor Birch from Poochyena using Torchic
Received Torchic
Arrived at Oldale Town
Defeated Brendan's Mudkip
Received Pokédex from Professor Birch
Received 5 Pokéballs from Brendan
Received running shoes from Mom
Captured level 2 Zigzagoon
Traded level 2 Zigzagoon for level 5 Sableye
Defeated several trainers
Arrived at Petalburg City
Helped Wally catch a Ralts
Entered Petalburg Woods and defeated several trainers
Defeated Team Magma Grunt
Defeated more trainers
Arrived at Rustboro City
Defeated Roxanne and got first my badge
Defeated some trainers
Defeated Team Magma Grunt again
Sailed to Dewford Town

Team so far:

Torchic ♂
Level 15
Focus Energy

Sableye ♀
Level 17
Night Shade
Fake Out
Faint Attack

I forgot that I could've caught a Marill way earlier, so when I continue again I'm going to go back and do that.
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I stay away
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