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- Paul's gasp when Pikachu came back with Iron Tail was funny

Music kept: (4)

Music at the start
Ninjask uses Agility
Satoshi's Battle Decision
Frosslass is sent out

Quote originally posted by Hiiro:
This episode was better in Japanese for some reason. Maybe because it was my first time seeing it.

/fiddles thumb
Quote originally posted by Kirbychu:
I didn't find this episode as enjoyable as when I first watched it either.
Background music. Most likely, background music. The dub replaces the Japanese music which gives some sort of emotion, with bland, sorta screechy tracks. It honestly can make a difference as to whether a battle can be epic or just a run of the mill, everyday battle >_> Stuff like Gary vs Ash in Battle Frontier is a very good example of this.
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