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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
Blondeshipping? Can't think of many...
I was thinking Blondeshipping as well but I was also thinking of their status. Cynthia is the champion and Palmer is a battle frontier. So what would be a good shipping name with those two?

Originally Posted by CommanderPigg View Post
Cynthia x Palmer is HOT! (it's called EyeCandyShipping, by the way...fitting, right?) I fully support Barry being their would explain is obvious epicness and raw talent as a trainer ;D

The only problem with that is don't we see Barry's mom in the games? In their house? I mean...unless Palmer switched out the babies when they were conveniently born on the same day...too much of a mind screw imo XD
I have always supported this but the game part he had a mother but could she really be Barry's mother? Palmer probably had went out with Cynthia but had left Cynthia because maybe she was too busy to be a parent so Palmer married another female? Although the game is different from the anime it could be possible.

Ohhh, and did anyone see this nice comic yet?


From Pokesho

It's so accurate, I may cry.
Oh wow that made me laugh a bit.

Also does anyone think that Bel is Barry's sister?