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Quote originally posted by 雷影 イチロ:
I have attached a translation of DP Maps into Japanese.
Your progress is amazing!

Great, thanks!

Quote originally posted by Magius:
I do not think that is a viable approach. With that all maps that used song A that was edited to be song B will play song B.

Yes, but look my list.
I have found two same musics for two different town.

0- ????????
1- Zone Mystère
2- ????????
3- ????????
4- Bonaugure (Jour)
5- Litorella (Jour)
6- Floraville (Jour)
7- Verchamps / Bonville (Jour)
8- Routes 225, 226, 227 (Jour)
9- Aire de Détente (Jour)
10- Féli-Cité (Jour)
11- Joliberges (Jour)
12- Charbourg (Jour)
13- Vestigion / Célestia (Jour)
14- Unionpolis (Jour)
15- Verchamps / Bonville (Jour)
16- Voilaroc (Jour)
17- Rivamar (Jour)

Maybe every map has a music value.

Quote originally posted by 805587804:
That we can only land_data_release to edit pearl / diamond been found?

What do you mean?

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